Today at the fort

Dear family, today at the fort here in Bikaner we had the place to ourselves as the maharani showed up from London with her entourage and no one else was allowed through. I am still not sure why we were,  are traveling hard and look it. Tom tried to get a hoot but he was doing it surreptitiously and pushed the wrong button. The fort was her family’s old home, we are in a hotel in her family previous home as well. She has a new palace on the other side of the city.
The camel research center was inserting, they have about five diffnt kinds of camels and they run a stud farm for the farmers in the area. Everything is done with camels pulling carts. Different from the middle east. Tom found some canons and he was happy. The guide took us to a miniaturist painter who was nice and did amazing work, hie is in Rippleys fo the smallest painting.
We also went to the rat temple, rather unnerving. Pilgrims buy sweets to feed the rats who run all over. One ran across my foot. Not my favorite place but an important shrine.
More later, I sent photos. Love, janice


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