Hong Kong…finally

I owe an apology to United Airlines, they were super from beginning to end. First the desk woman put us on an earlier flight, then even when Chicago was bad with snow, everyone on our plane got out of our way and gave us a running start for our connecting flIght. We did not have to switch terminals, and our plane to Hong Kong waited for us and 25 other people. The flight was 17 hours but the stewardii were cheerful, lots of drinks, snacks, kidding around as we flew 40 miles from the pole. Got a picture of Siberia…bleak.

Hong Kong is set up for easy access. Right out of customs we met a travel advisor who provided us with maps, ideas for sites seeing. She told us to take the train to Kowloon, where our hotel is located, then a free shuttle bus almost right to our hotel. The Stanford Hillview Hotel is marvelous, a posh little jewel on a side street hill with view of the bay from the top floor. We met a German couple on the shuttle who had lived in Hong Kong for 10 years and stay here when they return from Shanghai.

Taking the travel lady’s advice we proceeded to the harbor for night shots. Tomorrow fog is predicted, Thursday rain. The part where we are is like a mini Manhattan, shops, restaurants, parks, lots of people even at midnight. Very comfortable and all decorated up for Chinese New Year.


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