A Long, Long Walk

20130206-170256.jpgToday we had a hike. Beginning with breakfast, a local place we found for eggs and toast. Everything is quite easy here, menus, street signs in English and Chinese. (I will try to add pictures as I write).
Then it was on to the Star Ferry, a short boat ride to the Chinese mainland. We negotiated the token machine and had a good ride over, admiring the striking Chinese architecture. Coming from the ferry we took a series of raised walkways over highways and crowded streets, rather like the one in the Prudential Center but ten times bigger.

We wended our way to the longest escalator in the world, actually a series of them, scaling most of the mountain that rises behind the main city.



At the top there was a tram up to the peak. Of course, we chose the 45 minute walk STRAIGHT up, rather like climbing ten of Melniks hills, only steeper. The climb was picturesque but it was a struggle to the top. Then we saw all the tourists, both American and Chinese, in high heels strolling around completely unwinded.


We walked back through the jiggly bit, then grabbed a cab back down to see a temple (not impressive after India) and the antiques district and an open market, fun but expensive. Found baby shoes that tempted but we resisted.



We also found ivory shops…the proprieters all insisted their wares were fromRussian mammoth tusks. Yeah, right.


Fruit cup on the street and home to nurse our poor feet for our adventures tonight.


One thought on “A Long, Long Walk

  1. I get confused about Hong Kong. You describe a boat ride to the Chinese mainland. But isn’t Hong Kong a peninsula, connected to the mainland, with 200 plus islands in the area?? Are you on Hong Kong Island? Love, Jack

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