Fabulous flowers & food failures

Sometimes you just know when life is good. Today we decided to try to find the flower market, the the bird market. Deciding to take the local bus was a challenge but turned out to be simple and fun. Our feet were killing us anyway. The hotel desk clerk got us primed for the fare, the number of the bus and the stop. Even wrote ‘flower market’ in Chinese, a good idea as the bus quickly careened off the main road, to twist and turn god knows where. When we started to see people bearing huge stacks of flowers, I figured we were near our destination. Apparently no one can celebrate New Years without tons of blooms. Approximately ten blocks, big city blocks, are devoted to hawking flowers…all kinds, with cartons more stacked in the road sides.



I took a lot of photos and drooled over the plants, orchids for cheap, $5 and $1300.



    Then we thought we’d look for the bird market. A man passed us on the sidewalk carrying a couple of covered wooden cages, dead give away.

The smell was a bit different from the flowers…but what fun!




Then we saw crickets and grasshoppers. Do they keep them for luck or for lunch…we were about to find out.



We were about to enter the dark side. A quick walk around the block father checking out of the hotel and we succumbed to the lure of a tiny cheeses eatery with $3. Entrees. In Hong Kong? No, you say…you win. We ordered rice noodles with beefs tendons. Now you might think meat would be involved, not a bit of it. While the rice noodles were recognizable, the tendons turned out to be fatty bits of gristle, emphasis on FATTY!


I did not eat much. We paid the bill and fled to a tiny grocery where we convinced the clerk to sell us a $2. Apple, wash it and cut it in half. We perched on the curbside and enjoyed fruit.
Tom wanted to explore the park in our part of Kowloon, I resisted until sated with a good American style latte and New York cheese cake (more money than breakfast and lunch together).
The park was lovely, huge and nearly empty.




Rushed back to get free shuttle to train to airport only to find our flight pushed to 11:30 pm. We are sleeping irrationally so now running on empty. Hope blog makes sense.



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