Tom in Singapore

Singapore makes the fanciest parts of New York City look like a slum. Our first day we got off to a slow start. That may have something to do with arriving at the Griffin’s condo at 4 in the morning. Not such a big deal as my body has no idea what time it is, what day it is, or where in the world it is.

Once again our flight had been delayed, this time in Hong Kong. Not a surprise, I suppose, as this was the same flight we had sat on for two hours in Chicago waiting to go to Hong Kong.

I was very pleased that we were able to find a shuttle bus to the subway station, and then use the subway to get to “Little India”. Lots of little shops selling food, clothing, and gold jewelry. The gold is 22 or 24 carat, and looks fake. Very shiny though.

Found our way back to the Griffin’s after some worry about where the shuttle picks up people at the subway.

The subways are clean and efficient. Very good signage. Huge stations. Frequent trains. Polite passengers who offer their seats. Only problem is they are disorienting because there is none of that distinctive smell we are used to—the smell of uric acid.

I went for a swim at the condo pool with Paul when we returned.

Yesterday we went off to visit a British fort and then went downtown and then to the harbor front. Was exhausted by the time we got home. Paul and I met some Russian sailors who offered to introduce us to some Russian women if we would visit Vladivostok. From the humble English, and the gestures and the facial expressions, we deduced that these Russian women would be a lot of fun. At least they would be for a man the same age as the sailors.

Walked through Sheldon Addelson’s casino. Nice that he was so thoughtful as to put all the really bad, garish taste into one monumental folly. Making a lot of money off it, however.

The weather has been spotty. Very hot and humid with the occasional downpour. We are heading out for a walk if we can dodge the lightening bolts. More later.



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