The Zoo That Isn’t

Imagine a park surrounded by water with meandering path amid spectacular tropical plants where white tigers look you in the eye

20130212-071900.jpg ducks stroll under the feet of thousands of holiday visitors, bats hang at eye level

20130212-072020.jpg parrots fly overhead

20130212-072101.jpg, lemurs walk along stairway hand rails

20130212-072208.jpg, orangutans swing above you on vines,

20130212-072348.jpg and elephants show you how they work in the forests


Without (apparent) barriers, bars, cages, this is the most marvelous zoo! The crowds on this New Years holiday were impressive but polite. Stilt men distributed candy to children and lion dancers frolicked.


For the first time we got to see the elusive Pygmy hippos from Liberia.

And a giant panda…asleep.

Fast food lunches are not necessarily KFC, although they do have that too.

Turtles nipped at our toes and myriads of different species of monkeys inhabited their own islands just off the paths.



Then we went to the American School…wow, like a junior college.

20130212-073703.jpgBut I was too tired for many pictures. Happy Chinese New Year!



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