Melaka, Malaysia, a Beautiful Spot, Papayas, Bananas and Temperatures Hot!

We made it to Malaysia after a wonderful sojourn with our friends, Paul and Shelley Griffin. Leaving their beautiful apartment was difficult. We had been so comfortable and well taken care of there. But we caught a shuttle to a cab to a bus, four hours later…Melaka.

Finding a hotel in a new places sometimes a challenge and today we may have failed miserably. Chinese New Years is not the time to try to book holiday locations. Our first choice of guest houses was full. In the second one we got a room with a large bed, no window and a dicey air conditioner, but who’s complaining. The floor in the communal bathroom is slippery, but we move on tomorrow to Penang.

We found the interesting part of town by the river and took a 40 minute ‘cruise’ through the historic section which had been heavily decorated.



Afterward we crossed the bridge into china town. Pictures will tell all.



Tom wanted to see some antiques shops so we browsed.


Then I had octopus on a stick (very tasty), and we walked back via A&W Root Beer for a float. Yes, in Asia you can have it all.


You can even have a a Valentine’s Day bicycle rickshaw ride!


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