A Little Rain Must Fall

We were staying with Julia’s friend Yote in Bangkok. He has been wonderful, talking us out for breakfast, equipping us with a cell phone, lending us money. Last night his father took us all to dinner on the river, great Thai food!!! Tom, Yote’s father is a great conversationalist and a jolly man. Our Tom started telling him about our squirrel problem. He countered with the big problem at his farm …elephants eating the coconut trees. Thai tom has a 400 acre farm that abuts the national park, you know elephants, tigers, that sort of thing. The elephants, wild ones, have destroyed 800 trees of sweet coconuts that Tom was growing organically. Tom certainly had one up on us. Then our Tom began brainstorming about the problem elephants. Together they came up with a paste made of strong peppers that could be painted onto the trunks of the coconut trees. Yeah, and what if these elephants, being Thai, actually love hot, spicy food? The men had a ball talking and laughing about that and golf. I wish Yote’s whole family lived closer to us.

Yote gave us the keys of his parents condo on the beach at Hua Hin where we are now, beautiful but not many elephants. So we did have a small crisis this morning. Tom lost his credit card, we had to cancel it and are trying to secure new. What a hardship being in a luxury condo on the beach in a resort town in Thailand. Poor us! W had a long walk on the beach, watched people dig for cockles, and fish boats trawl for what ever seafood was in our delicious rice noodles. Poor us. Now we will toddle back to the condo after dinner and go to air conditioned sleep overlooking the sea. These hardships sure are difficult.


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