Hanoi turned out to be charming and fun. We had a great hotel that I would recommend to anyone. Each street in Hanoi offered a different product, a street selling buttons and zippers, one for hardware, one for shoes, one for ladies dresses. Ours offered all kinds of ornaments, shelves, banner, candles, statues and urns for home altars honoring the ancests. A very colorful street with huge red banners so easy to spot. We used a good map and gradually acclimated ourselves around the lake which is the heart of the old quarter. Lots of French bui,dings and winding alleys. Then the lt day we went to see the mausoleum where Hoe chi Minh I’d preserved. There he was looking very rested and remarkably fit, but he goes to Russia every year for a couple of months for ‘ touch ups.’ He is still very dead. We were shuffled in and out with hundreds of locals and hordes of school children.

We also visited the army museum, you know the side that won the war. There are pieces of our planes and it was a profound reminder of what we lost during that war. Tom took lots of pictures for his brother.

Then it was on to Cambodia. We have a nice hotel with a pool which is good as the temp is in the upper 90 ies.

Today we did our first real tour of Anglor Wat which is huge and very hot and spectacular. We hired a tuk tuk who drove us all around but we still came home exhausted with swollen feet. I had a foot massage at the spa, very cheap, and roped Tom into one as well where he is now. It was miraculous. I will let him tell you all about it. And I will send photos later of the ruins.

Vietnam has to be one of the best places. Have been, the north where we spent our time is smaller, manageable and neat. The tribal people are colorful in Sapa and the sights are amazing with lime stone caves and mountains in Halong Bay. I think I sent the photos.



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