Planning the 2014 Trip I consulted guidebooks for our trip through Argentina and Chile, and have created an elaborate plan. At first, it looked straight forward enough, we planned to fly to Buenos Aires and meet our old friend Judy Baker from Mexico City for a week. After visiting with Judy, we’d travel to Santiago and then take buses to the bottom of the continent, following the Andes. But Rachael and Julia wanted to join us in Santiago in March, so we reversed our route to end up in the Chilean capitol toward the end of our trip.

The plan became slightly more complicated when I selected our flights. I chose a relatively cheap American/Lan flight from Bradley, Connecticut to Santiago, Chile…then a mountain hopper to Buenos Aires. To relax with Judy for the first part of February, we rented an Argentine apartment there, too.

Our current plan is to travel as far south as we can in Argentina after a few weeks in the capital. We’ll cross into Chile in Tierra del Fuego and bus our way up that coast. Roads below Coyhaique are pretty much non-existent, but there are waterways, so we may also snag a boat ride or two. (See map) With enough good South American wine, who will care?

I have pretty much decided to go with carry-on luggage only. The good thing is I can buy whatever I need in Argentina. I’m planning on a smart leather jacket (or two), a pair of sandals (or two), and dance shoes for tango lessons. Anything I buy (dresses, presents, hats) can be sent back by mail.

It will be comforting to be in countries where we actually speak the language. Well, used to speak the language. Actually I hope we remember some of our Spanish. I better go brush up.


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