In the Big City

People in Buenos Aires act like anyone is a big city until you strike up a conversation and they can be delightfully helpful. At the taxi queue at the in town airport we asked a businessman how much a taxi to our apt should cost. He immediately found the first taxi in the queue, jumped the people waiting who seemed not to mind, negotiated a great price with the driver, put us in and sent us off. I did hear some grumbling from other taximen about how he was helping ‘the tourists,’ but none of the people waiting in line seemed to mind.

When we had settled in to our funky apt. We went our looking for money changers and food. At the first fruit shop the seller directed us to a “blue market” office where we changed dollars at 12 to 1, rather then the ‘official’ rate of 8 to 1. We bought food, fruit from our new friend, some supplies and tried to find our street. When we stopped for the third time to ask a man, he threw us and our purchases into his Mercedes SUV, introduced us to a friend washing his car who has a brother in the US military, and drove us home which turned out to be a block away.

Tom on the streetimage


2 thoughts on “In the Big City

  1. Sounds like you’re off on a great adventure already. Have you booked your Tango lessons yet? It’s Friday and we’re going to the movies with out you ):

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