Our First Milonga

Tonight after a nap and a longer visit to our ice cream shop, we took a taxi to a Milonga. A Milonga is a place, not quite a bar, not quite a dance hall, somewhere in between, where dancers go to tango. As we were leaving our building we asked a woman where we should go. We had investigated on the net but there were too many choices and we wanted one close by. She said the closest was a rather touristy place 15 blocks away. So we grabbed a cab.

The one she had told us about was not starting til midnight. A nice gentleman there in a salmon colored sports coat told us of one a couple of streets over which turned out to be a famous, traditional place called Salon Canning. (I’m sure it is on the web) First they has tango lessons, Tom balked so we watched and waiting for the Milonga. At eleven the regulars began to arrive, thin woman carrying silk bags with their dance shoes, all ages of men who looked rather regal. We secured a table near the dance floor and watched as the heart of the culture of Argentina had suddenly opened an dropped us right into the middle. We only stayed for a couple of hours as Judy had jet lag but on that time we saw the real Buenos Aires and it was magical. We plan to take the girls to see it when we return at the end of our trip.

I hope to add a video of this. Here is a photo of the class.tango class


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