Flowers & Luxury

Today, as the preceding days, was a day to savor. After chores such as buying tickets to Tierra del Fuego and the estancia, we found the Botanical Gardens. Amazing flowers and trees in a peaceful setting with perfect weather.IMG_4824

We then found the Japanese gardens which reminded us of our trip to Japan.IMG_4854

By this time it was almost 4pm and tea beckoned. With a nod to the advice of the travel expert Rudy Maxa, we headed for the Alvear Palace Hotel where they serve high tea in high style! Even in our travel clothes we were welcomed with extravagant courtesy into the hall where we had tea!!! And such a tea. First, dainty sandwiches of smoked salmon, turkey and ham with a small personal pot of mustard, followed by tea cakes of all sorts. Oh, did I forget the warm scones with homemade jams and lemon curd? AND when I admitted that I was a celiac, they produced an entire new pyramid of goodies just for me, including the warm scones.

We ate and drank and Tom admitted that he was stuffed. Then they produced the cake cart and we started all over. Having drunk one of twenty different kinds of tea ( I had green tea with cherry from Japan), they poured us each a flute of excellent champagne. By this time we felt giddy and Judy explained that she was in Argentina to celebrate her birthday. A few minutes later, they produced a present all wrapped (a good sized box of chocolates.IMG_4867



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