National Park of Tierra del Fuego & Penguins

On penguin island with 2000 penguins

On penguin island with 12,000 penguins

On Sunday we took mini bus to the park. It was a beautiful day and Tom convinced me to try to climb to the tree line of a mountain for a view. On a four-hour trail straight up, I made it for one hour and we got some views. But we came down for homemade hot chocolate and a walk all around the park. We saw wild geese close up and a fox that appeared almost tamed. There is camping and maybe he smelled the steaks.

Monday we took an early bus to a large Zodiac boat on the shores of an estancia (ranch) to an island refuge of penguins. We saw and walked with 12,000 penguins, three species: Megelans, some other black and white, and King Penguin rarely seen here—they swam in from the further south by mistake. Our guide was very excited to see them. I had been photographing one as it had bright red plumage. I will show the photos when I can get them to upload.

Then we visited a museum of sea mammal bones collected by the wife of the rancher and now an established biological study site. Also stopped to photograph some odd trees warped by the wind. The same wind almost knocked me off my feet when I was photographing on the island. Most exciting. Thank god Julia gave me a travel parka for Xmas. It has been a miraculous.


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