Cruise to Three Glaciers

Thursday we cruised from bay near Calafante to see three glaciers from a huge catamaran. Tom and I braved the cold and wind in one of the bows to get the best photos. Not only did we see a 400 foot glacier calve, rocking our ship with it’s wake, but I took photos of the crew pulling up pieces of iceberg in the channel. And, yes, Evan, we did get to eat glacier. The cruise photographer also took a picture of me using my camera, although he charged everyone else for the same shot. Don’t know why I got special treatment, also got a hunk of ice to eat.

We did get film of the glacier calving but I can’t seem to get it on the blog.

400 footer that calved

400 footer that calved

ship like ours

ship like ours

Me with glacier

Me with glacier


iceberg, it's really this blue

iceberg, it’s really this blue


3 thoughts on “Cruise to Three Glaciers

  1. One good thing about Open Gym duty is that I have time to catch up on this wonderful blog, now that the papers are graded. This looks like another fabulous trip and I will try not to fall behind reading entries from now on–you’ll be gone for four more weeks!!! However, by the time you return, I will have mastered the gluten-free clementine cake recipe from today’s Gazette for your welcome home dinner–after we return from our modest turn in the South. Love–Claire

  2. I am so glad you are having a good time. I have never been to the places you have, and I am glad you are finding such wonderful thins to do. Did I not tell you that once in one place (any place) you’d find too much to do?

    I am looking forward to read your next discoveries.


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