Chile is different from Argentina, the food is mosty from the sea, the prices are much higher and the roads are better. A rental car frees us up to stop for pictures and skip towns we feel are too big or too commercial. We passed through Villarica, the major city on the lake of the same name, on into Pucon, a major tourist town for Chileans it seems. Night life is raucous, bands play in the street with gyrating girl singers.

We attended Mass on the same town square as the bands. In Pucon the same tall, stout, very white priest presided with the same thin Indian-looking young man doing the set up and orgainzing the altar. The church was packed. Tom noticed the congregation never knew when to stand or sit, indicating many Catholics from various churches, I guess.

The beach here is long, full of sun bathers but when I stepped off the boardwalk after having a non-alcoholic fruit drink at a tiny restaurant, I twisted my ankle in the deep, sharp volcanic sand. The beach is brutal and makes it almost impossible to walk near the lake. There are dirt trails close to the sand and Tom found a golf course at the end on the point, about $30. US for nine holes, but, of course, he is thinking of all those lost Chilean golf balls.

Today we are off to the thermal pools to see if that helps our aches and old bones. We do love climbing and want to investigate the National Park here.

volcano that looms over the lake

volcano that looms over the lake

uncrowded side of beach at Pucon

uncrowded side of beach at Pucon

view from an open market with surprisingly poor quality knitted goods

view from an open market with surprisingly poor quality knitted goods

busy little port with volcano

busy little port with volcano


4 thoughts on “Pucon

  1. Just looked up the Pucon weather, which seems to be wonderful. Also lots of sports activities. Enjoy. Nice here today also, a momentary respite from a difficult winter. Love, Jack

  2. My uncle Gilberto and aunt Perla live in Pucón, most precisely on the road from Villarica to Pucón in a place called “Hueney” closer to Pucón than Villarica (remember the photos I showed you?). I went a couple of times there with Sonia and she felt most at home there playing with my cousin’s children by the beach all day long. They have a house by the beach and behind that (across from the road) there is a big piece of land that has the “cabins” they rent and several houses that belong to my cousins (only one lives there year round).

    Going up the volcano is a good adventure and you can hire guided tours of different difficulties that take you to places as close as you want from the caldera. Just going up with your car is beautiful. The nearby lake Caburga is a short drive and you will see the lake surrounded by mountains (if I recall well, I have not been there in several decades). There are many many different places you can visit around Pucón so it is probably better you ask around and see what you want to do, there are also several roads that will take you into the surrounding mountains that will give you a chance to see more of the real countryside and less of the tourists.

    I will love to see your photos! And … keep wearing hats and using sunscreen, the UV index is higher in the southern hemisphere (what? Humans did not destroy the ozone layer! … well not in the northern hemisphere where it seems it counts).

    Happy travels.


  3. I have just caught up with your travels here on your blog. I love that you dined and went exploring with people you just met. I can see how it would be so much fun to travel with the two of you. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos. I’m sorry you hurt your ankle. I hope the thermal pools helped and you are rested for the next part of your adventure. I will be sure to check out your next blog entry.

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