Pucon 2

first thermal

first thermal

Pucon is a busy little place with holiday makers crowding the streets. I had twisted my ankle and although it was much better, we decided to visit some of the thermal pools in the adjoining towns, so off we went in our Chinese made (Jac) rental car toward Curarrehue.

Our first stop was the first thermal near Palguin Bajo—very nice and I got a photo. Tom was more interested in the weird birds in the field.

The thermal cost around $22 a day, and as the day was glorious and the pools were inside, I was not keen. Tom kept eying the river where fishing looked great. So we went on to some little mountain towns where the Maipu people live, remnants of the indigenous people of the area. After consulting with a tourist office, we retraced our steps to find another thermal—huge, spectacular, with indoor and outdoor pools, but Chilean tour buses were pulling in and thousands of Chilean tourists crowded in. We took pictures of the volcano. But when we tried to leave, the car wouldn’t start. A nice couple helped us push it, no luck.

Finally, after a good while, the flooded engine started and we scooted out to Caburgua, another fine village with a nice lake side beach. We sunned, we waded, we walked on real sand, we enjoyed the spectacular view of the volcanoes. It was perfect…with ice cream.

The drive home was a cut off through winding dirt “roads” by streams where fishermen caught 35 kilo Chinook salmon. Tom was thinking of making a rod from some wood nearby, but he didn’t have a fishing license.


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