Tom Travels in Santiago

The bus I was trying to avoid when I met the angry man.

The bus I was trying to avoid when I met the angry man.

Here we are in sunny Santiago.  A bit chilly, down around the mid-60’s at the moment, but moving up to a nice 82 degrees.  Nothing much to do here except drink fine wine and eat fine beef.  What a bore.  Just went out to get gasoline for my rental car so I can turn it in “full” as contracted and spent 8 hours finding my way back to my aparthotel; which was 3 blocks from the station when I started.  They have contracted the “Boston disease” where you make every road one-way, the wrong way, and make it curve so that the drivers never know where the hell they are going (especially if they are new to town).  Anyway, after touring Brazil, Peru, and, I think, Venezuela, I managed to work my way back. Noticed, however, that the gas tank is no longer full so I have to go out to the station again to fill up.


The car of the very angry man I met in Santiago.

Downtown Santiago has a lot of very fine, very modern office buildings.  I zipped by them at 103 miles per hour as the other drivers waved their fists at me for blocking the roadway.  I was going as slowly as I could so I could read the names of the roads on the minute signs that are posted behind the trees and bushes.  The people who put up the signs are ingenious at hiding them.  People consider it such good sport that they deface any that are in plain view as it just isn’t challenging enough to the drivers to let them know where they are.

The car I was driving when I met the angry man. (On an unrelated note: the police station is located next door with wrecked cars)

The best part of driving here is contending with the buses.  They are each 40 blocks long and they are so big that they can’t stop for red lights. At least they don’t.  Maybe that is just part of the sport of driving in Santiago. It could be part of the population control measures as every bus has 5 or 6 baby carriages on the front as hood ornaments.  I guess it is a little like merit badges in Boy Scouts.

Anyway, we have a very nice apartment that seems to be brand new and they serve us a breakfast that is sufficient to keep us going most of the day.

Rachael and Julia have just arrived safely.


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