Back in BA

We spent the first full day, Saturday, at Recoleta Cemetery, I know it sounds odd but it is a city within a city and utterly fascinating. A workman cleaning a tomb allowed us to climb down the narrow marble staircase into the depths to see. It smelled very odd. A few vaults reminded me of the death scene in Romeo and Juliet. Some of the statuary was impressive.

Then we went to lunch at the same little cafe where we ate with Judy. The girls and I shopped for gifts at the outdoor market then we walked the 20 blocks home, stopping at book stores along the way. Julia really does always know where we are going, even when we doubt her.

Dinner was outdoors again at my favorite pizza place. No, I can’t eat the crust but the local cheese is fabulous. After we hit the ice cream place.



One thought on “Back in BA

  1. Thanks for the update. We have some fine cemeteries here in NYC if that is your thing. Beautiful day here; finally warming up. Still some ice floating down the Hudson. The aficionados were able to use their ice boats this years (the ones that sail on Hudson ice up to 100 mph). News is focused on the lost Malaysian airplane. Love, Jack

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