To Newfoundland

A couple of notes on my preparations for the trip: according to many credit card companies and banks, Newfoundland does not exist. Is it a country? Is it a state? How do you spell that? Canada features prominently in the Rand McNally Road Atlas so someone from the lower forty-eight has ventured north at sometime…

Sitting in my kitchen in Massachusetts, I feel chilled, its barely 60 degrees and not likely to get warmer as we continue north. So I suggested to my dear husband he might like to pack a fleece or a vest or perhaps both. He seemed to think a heat wave looms in Labrador where he’s headed. Let’s hope so. Tom has, however, packed everything else we own and some things he just picked up beside the road. How is it when we travel by plane for two months, he manages with a school size backpack, but when he goes fishing for a couple of weeks he needs four sleeping bags, two tents, seventeen bottles of fuel for a rusted camp stove, a rusted popcorn popper from the 1950’s, a shovel, two tarps, four utility buckets with “stuff” (I don’t dare look into), a huge leather suitcase with paper plates and cups, two massive containers of water (there is no water in Canada), three coolers with ice packs that will melt the first day out and so will not keep the fourteen yogurts, three packages of Monterrey Jack cheese, or Sam Adams beer cool, and he hasn’t fitted his clothes in yet, or the dried food or my stuff when we meet up in two weeks.

Of course, I have my own dilemmas. Before Wednesday I have to decide which knitting projects to take: a scarf I’m teaching myself how to crochet or wool for seventeen pairs of socks I will easily have time to knit. (I figure a sock a day.) Clothes, I’m not concerned about because I remembered the detergent and the clothes’ pins. Are there launder mats in Canada? I believe there are also gas stations with cold drinks, supermarkets with food, even restaurants and hotels!

For the first part of the trip I am traveling in my sister-in-law’s car with my niece and her baby. Ear plugs might be a good idea, but the baby is sweet and will slow us down every once in a while so I can grab some photos, a real advantage to speeding along with a flock of adults. I did take some notes at my last camera class at the senior center on snapping photos from a moving car, might come in handy


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