Sackville, NB

Driving for twelve hours straight might seem arduous, now add a nine month old baby and two “mature” women who have not had a full night’s sleep. Amazingly the trip went without hitch but by the eleventh hour we were looking for a hotel. Two choices appeared: Amherst and Sackville. Having just come via an Amherst we opted for the second choice, a small town off Route 2. The first motel was Coastal Inn, a chain. A hugely pregnant clerk signed us in and was most solicitous of Marilee and baby Eliana.

The choices for dining in town were few but definitely upscale, then we found out the town was built around a good sized university. The Italian place had superior wine, fine dishes, alfredo, scallops and white wine, and featured gluten free versions of anything on the menu. We all retired to our double room with a crib around 9pm and woke around 8am the next morning. The baby was the quietest member of the group, no snoring…can’t say the same about the other two. Free breakfast was perfect and one gentleman from Ontario gave us the name of a good hotel in Halifax. Before we left town we spent a few minutes in The Crackling Goose Bakery, an ALL GLUTEN FREE establishment. I bought a real sticky bun, a fig square and a rhubarb cranberry muffin. Wonderful place, we have to return.


One thought on “Sackville, NB

  1. I’m very happy you all got a good night’s sleep, especially the drivers (I guess that excludes only
    Eliana). Thank you Eliana for your exemplary behavior. Bring home some of the bakery goods for me. Love, Jack

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