A Night Way Up North

Alice and I took a ride up to the very northern tip to see the Viking settlement and more icebergs. We found a five-star restaurant and had quite a wonderful experience. Then we found a nice B&B nearby and have hold up there. An old fisherman stopped in to talk. Was a fisherman all his life, but he hated it. Went through grade nine, tried to leave, got as far as Goose Bay, but his father fell down paralyzed. Had to come back to nurse his dad. Two boys fished with him, got educated, got good jobs. Hates winter, wants to move south, but wife doesn’t want to go. Talks away.

His name is Guy and he loves people and would go anywhere, even to the mainland, he says. He would have married a city girl and only come here for visits. He had a happy family with three boys and three sisters. Boys all died.

He says he stops in to find people to talk to, he must have seen our car. Alice has since locked the door after this strange encounter even though the sign near the door says “Do Not Lock.” Newfoundlanders are so trusting. See next blog post.

We saw a caribou on the road and a super large iceberg.

The two dots near the bottom are two big men who walked out there.


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