Newfoundland Quirks

20140630-204715.jpgEvery culture has its peculiarities, here are some we have found in Newfoundland: unlocked doors on every establishment, some very elegant B&Bs (no check in, no locks and here we are in a sumptuous living room); fenced, raised gardens built near the road complete with scarecrows (we met a couple who drove 1/2 hour from home to garden where the soil is good and there are no rocks); wood piles near the road, all cut for winter by who knows who but they must live somewhere nearby; and honest people everywhere.

After a hard night on the ferry I left my camera on the seat in a huge lounge. Next thing I hear is an announcement over the loud speaker for the person who has lost a camera. I went right to the office and they handed it to me.




3 thoughts on “Newfoundland Quirks

  1. Your blog makes this sound like a wonderful trip; I count one rainy day so far along with many pleasant surprises. I watered pots yesterday, and tonight and tomorrow’s thunderstorms should take care of the rest (which looks fine). So no worries here-relax and enjoy!

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