The Pinware Park Miracle

We are at Pinware National Park. WIfi and hot water showers. Icebergs in the bay. Fished Pinware river, beautiful. Caught nothing, as did Pat, Dan, Geoff. Left to go to another river. Got there and realized I had left my pole leaning against the car when I backed out of the space at the Pinware River. Came racing back and my heart sunk when I looked on the ground and saw nothing. Got out to check and saw the pole, intact, leaning against some bushes. Some nice soul had placed it there. Very good luck.

Sunny now but clouds around and threatening rain. We are all set up in camp which is good. First time we have had two nights in the same place. A luxury.

Bugs and more bugs. Everywhere, all the time. Net suits are wonderful.

Pat and Dan are fishing at the Forteau River. We got there and had to turn right around to get my pole. Geoff and I are taking some down time. The fishing is beautiful, just no salmon run yet. Been on some beautiful rivers. That is good enough for me.

No animals. We have seen two hares and 4 marmots on the whole trip. Pat and Dan saw a moose. I am shocked at the lack of wildlife. Huge vistas, miles of forest, looks like a wildlife wonderland; but nothing so far.

The weather has been very good. A little rain overnight at Baie Comeau and none since. Extreme fire danger; we cannot have open fires. We passed hundreds of square miles of burnt woodlands. At one point last year Goose Bay had fires on the two roads out of town and no one could leave by road.

Got laundry done in Goose Bay while waiting for Dan, there are machines at this park and I might do another before I leave, though I have plenty of clothing. Our food supplies are just beginning to run low. I have ditched three of the foam coolers. Got two small rocks for the garden at the Pinware River.

Nothing much else to report.


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