Walk Along the Cliffs

20140702-181321.jpgEarly this morning we all took a long walk along the cliffs, past Flynn’s Beach to Chest Head. We passed the place where Marilee’s uncle has given Marilee and Dan a plot of land overlooking the bay for a house lot. We are all envious and speculated on a shed I will show in the photos, pretty run down, but if it were available Alice, Pat, Tom and I could fix it up for a summer house. Conche is seductive. The mist still wafted across the bay but while we were walking through the flowers and grass up the slopes, I glimpsed something irregular in the water below, just a shape that didn’t belong. I figured it might have been an irregular wave.

The sound of the waves, the silence of the mist, then a sudden huge crack like thunder and one of the icebergs in the bay lost a piece. The echo reverberated, then I saw it again, a long, low, black back, a small dorsal fin and finally a tail with the signature white pattern—an enormous humpback whale! He or she cruised into view, most certainly feeding in a slow glide as the mist rose off the water, a black ghost in a gray sea, soon joined by a minke whale following closely in his/her wake. We watched for a long time, the whale passed close to the point, then headed toward the mouth of the bay.




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