Rough Seas

20140703-153548.jpgToday Tom, Jeff and Pat decided to paddle out to the huge iceberg Alice and I saw from the boardwalk along the bay in Crouse. I got a few pictures, then Pat returned to us and Tom and Jeff decided to paddle around to our bay in Conche—he thought a two-mile paddle. I drove the truck back and waited…

A few times I walked the cliffs to peer out for them. Several of the locals said that they could be two to three hours of paddling and no one they knew had ever done it! Time ticked by, no sign. Wind began to build out on the cliffs. I walked out to see the 1942 plane wreck and waited. Pat paddled across our bay and caught two trout. Rain set in, heavy with more winds. The man from the telecommunications came to hook up the TV.

More time passed.

Finally Jeff showed up, dragging his kayak up from the fish plant, and Tom slowly paddled in to the beach. They had fought their way around the head with 30 mile an hour head winds, sometimes stopping them almost completely. Jeff said if this was Rhodes Island there would be small craft warnings and they wouldn’t let you out in a 30-foot boat. Then Tom saw the white bottom of the sea…only it wasn’t the sea bed, it was a the open mouth of a humpback whale. It floated by ten feet from the kayak, turned, swam just below the craft, then appeared again. I think it was checking out the nuts in the kayaks. A bald eagle flew over head, probably also checking out the possibility of scavenge.

We were all glad to see them coming in. Unlike Alice and me, they had never checked the map or the distance. After changing out of wet clothes, we adjourned to the cafe for lemon merengue pie and coffee.






2 thoughts on “Rough Seas

  1. Hi Janice, I’m enjoying reading your updates and seeing these amazing pictures! Icebergs and whales are just normal!?! How wonderful 🙂 keep your eyes on Hurricane Arthur, I hear it’s headed your way!

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