Kayaking in the Bay

Weather this morning was perfect so I rose early, did a wash and hung it out, then Tom organized a kayak trip. The bay at Conche is enormous, probably 3-4 miles long and a mile across. Down along the opposite shore three ocean liner size icebergs taunted us. We planned to paddle out but about 35 minutes into the trip, the waves crested three feet so that I did not feel comfortable turning sideways to see Tom. Past the last point of land sheltering our side the wind picked up blowing steadily against us. The icebergs still appeared far away but a long lying mist was edging in from the open sea, hanging like a veil over the bergs, so we opted for the waterfall on the far side. Impressive falls over a couple hundred feet of rock but we could find no way to land safely with the kayaks so we admired them from the bay. A bald eagle flew overhead.

The fishermen here don’t know how to swim, when I asked one why they didn’t learn, he explained that if he fell in, which he had done, he could “paddle” a couple yards to the boat or his mates would fetch him out, but if he was in the water long enough to swim any distance, he would die of the cold water. “Better to die quick, than to die swimming.” THat is why I was not keen to tumble in and there is no coast guard here, the closest is Halifax…hours away. Our friend said there was a helicopter but again it was a distance away and a unit of volunteers but they were more for a distressed boat than a person floundering in the water. It’s a different world up here, check a map, way up on the northeast corner of the top peninsula.

On the paddle home we were passed twice by porpoise, Alice and Pat saw a fin whale that glided past us but I could not identify it. This might be the last nice day for a spell as hurricane Arthur is set to rip through the Maritines on Saturday.
Happy Fourth of July everyone!



One thought on “Kayaking in the Bay

  1. You think you have rough kayaking, try the Pier 26 Downtown Boathouse in Manhattan just before a hurricane. The chop on the Hudson was very impressive.
    We were restricted to the marina area for our safety. Love, Jack

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