Cod and Coastline

Last night Joan surprised us with a fresh cod dinner, the fish right off Paul Bromley’s fishing boat. Cod like I’ve never tasted before, flaky, tender and so fresh, I will never be able to eat store-bought cod again. Rum and cokes were served over iceberg ice provided by Tom; we ended with strawberry rhubarb pie provided by Marilee. We then bundled everyone up and ran down to Paul’s freshly cleaned boat for a “tour” of the coast.

The sea was like glass, the sun struggled through the clouds and mist, then broke through in a series of spectacular shafts reflected on the icebergs, rainbows on the horizon and reflected patterns on the water. Fin whales jumped right next the boat, eagles soared, a colony of Kattiwakes sprang to life from the cliffs as we passed, a passage called “The Glass” appeared in a crevice, and icebergs shone. Tom and Jeff were amazed at the change in the sea, where the eight foot waves and winds had battered their kayaks for nearly three hours, the sea was calm, the air comfortable, no wind. Paul’s six year old grandson Carter described the depth of the water and told us the stats. THe photos will tell all…

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