Walking the Whales

This morning the sun was up by 5am but returned to bed by 6am, so we had eggs for breakfast and decided to brave a persistent drizzle to climb the cliffs in search of whales. Two icebergs maybe 5/6 stories high drifted slowly away from each other indicating one heck of a wind. The humpback whales appeared as if on cue about a half a mile away toward the mouth of the bay. Jeff and Tom did some “whale calls,” not too convincing to my mind, but in a thrice the whales came along the shore right to us. The three humpback whales and the three of us took a leisurely meander back to Conche. THe whales gave us a couple of salutes with their flippers, then turned into the inner bay right by the fish plant, pinning the fish they were chasing against the rocks right at the shore.

Having walked the whales a good ways, we turned into the cafe for blueberry muffins and coffee that we didn’t have to pin to the rocks. Will append photos of cafe and whales.




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