Camping in Gros Morne National Park, Woody Point, NL

After a last walk along the cliffs at Conche, we visited the Thrombolites (I may have to look up the spelling) 650 million year old rock formations of algae and bacteria, oldest in the world, only others are in Australia. Then a quick stop in the rain at “Arches” a rock formation on the rocky coast.

While camping is not my forte, Tom has recently purchased an air mattress so I can’t complain. Last night while a rain storm raged we “camped” in a motel near a theater that featured real NL singers. The show cost $27. a ticket which matches prices in Northampton but as it was the only show in town and we hadn’t done anything ‘cultural’ in a while so we went.

Jigs, sea shanties, stories and tall tales made for a pleasant evening. Prizes for the furthest visitors went to someone from California, the English visitor contended the decision. This morning bright sun and a pleasant drive but I will show you some of the stormy shots from yesterday which were better.






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