Rainy Weather

Rain is no time to start camping. After a lovely, sunny, hot day paddling around the bay off Gros Morne National Park in Lomont, we had a rough night of rain, leaking tent and general sogginess. After a breakfast with Melniks, Jeff, Penneys Jr. & Sr. we left to explore a part of Central Newfoundland that Mark touted as spectacular. We drove the NL Highway, there’s only one, making one stop at the Insectarium which was spectacular, insects on display from everywhere in the world. Across central NL to the exit for Twillingate which we found at the top of a series of green, rocky islands linked by causeways. Rain followed us all the way, heavy at times. We passed through moose detection zones with flashing lights, but no sign of moose. Tom has been disappointed. After hearing the damage they do to vehicles and people, I am just as glad not to ‘run into one.’

The B&B is comfortable, the gentleman who let us in told us that they had vacancies because someone who rented the whole place had died. What good luck? We had scallops and fries on the road so we plan to attend another music night, about half the price of the last one, all the musicians are women. Ought to be good fun, the audience can buy fried dough, not delightful for me but I will survive. The prices of knitted goods are very reasonable here as well. I hope the rain will stop tomorrow so we can explore the town, it’s nicknamed the iceberg capital of the world…just what I need, more photographs of icebergs!









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