The Split Peas

Tom and I went to see the Split Peas a singing group that is one of the major attractions here in Twillingate. A rainy night it was fun to be in a place with so many joyous people. The ticket taker at the the door asked us where we were from and she had gotten a doctorate at BU, our alma mater. The ladies were funny and good musicians, the atmosphere and the music reminiscent of an earlier era. We dined on Toutons and tea which is fried dough with partridge berry jam and strong black tea. Some Mummers appeared during the performance and I won the door prize ( out of seventy people), a CD of Split Peas’ music so yo can all hear when I get home. It was great see pictures.






One thought on “The Split Peas

  1. Icebergs–fried dough–kayaking–camping–what an adventure! Sounds as though it’s going to take you at least a week of re-entry after you come back. Amazing.

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