Fogo Island

We have been off line for a couple of days but I will try to reconstruct beautiful Fogo Island. Thursday the weather was perfect, we left our site at Dildo Park for the day and boarded the ferry at 11:00, a huge boat that took 60 cars, trucks. With the provincial prices we only paid $13. for everything. The ride was spectacular, islands, shoals, and birds slid by as we chatted with a couple from Bangor, ME. Fogo Island is 30 kil. long so you really need a vehicle. We stopped at a cafe for lunch, I chatted with a man mowing the lawn of one of the town churches who directed us to one of the many walks. We were saddened to learn there was a camp grounds run by the Lion’s Club on the island, we would’ve stayed out there. The pictures will tell all.


2 thoughts on “Fogo Island

  1. Dear Janice,
    Beautiful. I am a little confused about the ferry. At first I thought you were referring to the ferry from NL to Nova Scotia. $13. not bad, I says to myself. See you Tues. or Wed. if you are still at Haycock. Love, Jack

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