Back to Gros Morne

20140715-114726.jpgOur penultimate day in Newfoundland we spent at Gros Morne National Park on the west coast where the mountains meet the inlets and winds keep the black flies away. Alice and Pat had found scores of showy lady slipper plants they took us to see. The men went fishing while Alice and I wiled away the afternoon on the beach in the sun. The water in the secluded bay was almost warm enough to swim, certainly warmer than Lubec where we are now. No Icebergs but a dynamite yarn shop and some rugged trails. We camped without rain and headed down the coast the following morning.

Tom finally spotted a moose that almost got hit by a tractor trailer when we stopped to watch it. We stopped at a rock shop, Meyer’s Minerals, a great find with a knowledgable stone cutter and wonderful specimen. Found out the purest white marble comes from…Conche. We hadn’t noticed even the “dirt” road into the town where we stayed for a week was crushed white stone! If we return to NL we will be doing some rock hounding with a book from Meyer’s Minerals.

Along the coast toward the ferry back to Nova Scotia, we found a delightful museum and sandy white beaches. Fishermen were trying their luck but I enjoyed talking with an elderly woman named Lorna who having recovered from a heart attack in February was trying to catch trout from the sea for her dinner. I walked the beach while Tom admired the view with his line in the water. We lunched and found an amazing road up a mountain to a coast guard look out. The car didn’t make it all the way so we climbed as far as time allowed for a wonderful view of the coast line.

The ferry loading up for a midnight sailing at nine fifteen. Alice an Pat had the only cabin and they generously allowed all five of us to squeeze into their cabin for a good night. The rest of the trip was mad dash for Lubec.


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