First Day in Reykjavik by Tom

We left Boston at about 9:30 PM and arrived Reykjavik about 6:30 AM 4 hours 50 minutes later. How does that work? Anyway, the plane was not too comfortable, how do they design those seats, so neither Janice nor I got much sleep.
Sleep deprived we went into the terminal and got an express bus round trip ticket to the city. $77. On the way in I vaguely remembered that there was a city bus available for much less. The bus company took us to our aparthotel, where we confirmed that we could not check in until 3 PM. But we did find that they had a storage room where we could store our luggage; which was a big help.
Then we went next door to a Volkswagon dealer and told him that we were interested in his nice little electric car, especially as electricity is cheap because of all the hydro power, but we wanted to drive it for a few days to confirm our interest. He smiled. He also smiled when we suggested that we rent one of his older cars for a really good price. Then he informed us that there were people in an office on the second floor next door who were working on travel apps and they might have connections so we went there.
After some trying of locked doors, it was still pretty early, we found a man who took us to the office we were looking for. We were met by a charming toy pomeranian who welcomed us and invited us to play, to share her water, and to pet her. Two people in the office were also very accommodating and, after some discussion of their long-term stays in the United States in New York, Tennessee, and Los Angeles, they took the time to make some calls and find out that there was a cheap car rental place near the in-town airport. It is called, appropriately, Sad Cars. I actually think that Julia had told us about it. So we walked out to (over to, down to) it. After some negotiation we found out that we could save money by going into the next room, which is a hostel, and renting the car with my computer. So I finally worked that out while Janice chatted with a Chinese national who is working in Denmark on oil systems and has excellent English. On the way to the car agency we stopped and took a few pictures of a rather interesting Lutheran Church. Janice told the man at the door that she was Lutheran, but he didn’t let us in anyway because he was having a funeral and we were alive; and not related to the center of ceremonies.
Then we strolled downtown in increasingly wet weather. Stopped at a cathedral with a high tower that would have a nice view if there were not clouds covering it on 360 degrees.
Made our way downtownish. Stopped at a small shop where I had a sandwich and a glass of water, and a piece of pie, and Janice had some soup and a glass of water. 30 bucks. Nothing of exceptional quality or flavor except, perhaps, the water. We are told that the hot water is sulfurous but the cold water is very good. I thought my water was acceptable, but modest while Janice noted that quantities were limited but we had unlimited refills so that was not a problem.
Then we continued downtown, in increasing rain, to find a bank. I got out my inexpensive plastic parka to protect my pack; and my computer. Interesting how a little wind will billow up a cheap plastic parka and render it impossible to see where you are going. Luckily the rain made it hard on the local drivers as well, so they all missed me.
After discussions with the receptionist at the bank we learned that we could get as good a rate for exchange at the bank as we could at a much more convenient ATM, so we changed a bunch of money before we realized that we paid for the car and the apartment with our credit card and probably would not have that much use for a fistful of krona back in the States.
Then we took a cab the few blocks home. We paid for the cab with the $15 we saved by getting a hotel a few blocks from downtown.
We are now recovering from lack of sleep by having a nap or two; and hope this results in better thinking in the coming 7 weeks.



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