Golden Circle

Today after renting a car and a really good breakfast at a place Claire suggested, we started out of town on our “tour” for two. We were driving ourselves so we had some trouble with poor road signage and great views from the road. The hills around Reykjavik were now covered with snow making it seem colder than 31 degrees. Stocky ponies and fluffy sheep frolicked in front of red-roofed cottages making causing us to stop frequently for photos, but we finally found the National Park Pingvellir. A waterfall with a zen-like rock formation in the walkway inspired an interesting photograph. (For now you will have to settle for my descriptions as I have lost my connector to upload photos into my iPad. I will try to correct this in the morning.)

Further up the route the geysers were amazing with one shooting high into the air every three minutes or so. The ground around the paths smoked with escaping steam from a multitude of vents.

At the next stop the waterfall was wet and spectacular. The sun shone and the rainbow rising from the torrents of river water created a eirie echo to the downpours of yesterday. Tom wished he had had his kayak…right.

We returned across a vast ancient lava field, now green and fertile. In the distance geysers spit smoke signals behind a ridge of low hills. A self-reprimanding electronic road sign flashed red as if a train was about to cross the road but when Tom lowered his speed, the sign turned green with an orange happy face. (Modern inventions prove more unsettling than nature’s wonders.)

aa geyser 2 IMG_8973 IMG_2648



4 thoughts on “Golden Circle

  1. I am reading this saying ” Boy this does not sound like France” lol Dave told me you were in France…..I think he is losing his hearing….lol Pictures Please I am going in June. Have a blast Cat

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