Beginning Our Pilgrimage in Le Puy, France

IMG_9449Leaving Paris was only bearable in the rain. We had dined at Le Carpentier, an old established restaurant where the famous wood workers gathered eons ago, now very chic. We visited the museum of the Middle Ages which houses those famous red tapestries depicting unicorns.

The trains to Le Puy sped through verdant irregular rolling fields broken by low hedges. White cows and goats appeared ethereal under the slate blue clouds. Small villages with stone or plastered houses, a church steeple peeking through, red rooves. The land looks ancient until a 2014 Audi rolls into view. A farm house, stone with lavender/blue shutters, tan calves curled at their mothers’ feet in the court yard. Once we hit Burgundy, the cows were brown and white and black.

IMG_9459Le Puy is all cobbles and hills with narrow streets and flower boxes, exactly how one would imagine a perfect French town at the start of an adventure. At the cathedral we got our pilgrimage passports and attended a welcome, informational meeting for pilgrims where the hosts dispensed red and white wine. (Imagine that happening for free in the States.) Lots of good information and slippery sections and alternate routes. We will be walking about 10 miles tomorrow to a farm where we have rooms and two meals. Our bags are being picked up by a company who will deliver them to the following night. We have to carry a few essentials…like my camera. It looks like rain so we have jackets, rain pants, umbrellas and ponchos.



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