Leaving Toulouse for Biarritz

We got up early and accompanied Phillipe to an open market in Toulouse for his Sunday purchases. Fabulous vegetables, wines, cheese, flowers and even a piella (photo). We were sad to leave our excellent hosts (see photo of Catherine and Phillipe) but we must move on to climb the Pyrenees into Spain.
Tom found a church for St. Aubin which may be the first spelling of his grandmother’s name, Tobin. He was pleased to say a prayer and light a candle for his sister Mary Ellen.
Next we drove our rental car for a day and a night in Biarritz, France on the Atlantic: play ground for the rich, a town where my dad’s family had a house 100 years ago and his Aunt Theresa painted him on the beach. She also did a couple of paintings of rocks, so when I got to the beach, there they were, scenes I had seen since I was a child. A very strange sensation for me. The air was exceedingly warm, surfers abounded. The sea is rough here, little casual swimming. Some naked ladies on the beach who Tom said would be improved with their suits on. The young girls all wear bikinis.
The whole place reminds me of Palm Beach with a French twist.










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