Back on the Trail to Spain, Oct. 20

We landed in St. Jean Pieds de Port, the second jumping off play for pilgrims walking to Santiago. It was a beautiful walled town with shops, book stores, hotels. Ours was in the historic district and very comfortable but shutting down for the winter. The person who took our luggage to the next place was making the last drop of the season. Winter is coming, things are closing. We are almost the only walkers now which is strange. A huge flood last year knocked out the trains and buses have to make trips in between stops. At one we rode with middle school kids, imagine that in the States.
We have arrived in La Val San Carlos in the Pyrenees, very isolated but beautiful mountain country. We walk off the main road through farm roads, past cows, sheep and goats. The cheese we eat is all local as is the cider. The part is famous for cured hams which are delicious. We had bread, ham, sardines, mussels, local cheese and cucumbers for dinner as we have rented an apt complete with kitchen and washing machine, a real treat.
Every day has been nice but tomorrow rain is in the forcast. We bought cheap rain ponchos in the last city but climbing the mountains things could get bad.
Claire’s birthday was 20th and we had a special dinner.
We are real pilgrims now.






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