I realize that I should have put this blog in before resuming our pilgrimage, I lost the day we spent in Biarritz, France between our three days in Toulouse and the trail. Biarritz was really important to me as I had always been told by my father and grandmother that they had a vacation house here on the sea. It was such a shock when Tom and I strolled down to the sea from our hotel to see that rocks and the beach where my great aunt Theresa had done so many paintings that hung in my mother’s house all the time I was growing up. Here was the place by the sea wall where she painted my father and his sister playing in the sand, here were the rocks that rose out of the sea. I was stunned. In October the beach was full of sun bathers but all I could think about was my father and his life here. I wish we had had time to search for his house, there’s a painting of that as well…


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