Long Day on the Camino

We got through the Pyrenees today after seven hours of walking almost straight up hill. It was really a struggle for me but I made it in good time. I kept my camera in its case inside a plastic bag as the clouds threatened, the wind blew and the temperature dropped. I have taken so many beautiful places but I would like to share a couple from yesterday when it was sunny and bright. One is of the town where we stayed, a charming village high in the Pyrenees. We had an entire apartment with full kitchen and a washing machine. (I have a feeling I have already told this.)
Today we met a couple of Japanese students who were walking for three hours the wrong direction. We tried to change their minds but couldn’t and I felt so sorry for them when they finally realized their mistake. There are two ways over the Pyrenees. One is over the ridge of the mountains, it takes all day, is extremely arduous but beautiful. Then there is the wimp way, still up into the mountains but following rivers through mountain passes, the one we took. Hunters banged away at birds all around us, the vegetation is dense and moist and it is cold. Anyway, we think that the Japanese couple had climbed the steep way the day before and had started out in the dark this morning going back toward the starting point on the road we were taking. It looked different but they were going the wrong way! Maps and a good sense of direction help.






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