Pamplona by Day and by Night

Sunny plaza

Sunny plaza

Children playing soccer

Children playing soccer

Hemingway's favorite bar/cafe

Hemingway’s favorite bar/cafe

Our first impression of the old part of the walled city was dark and rather dreary. The buildings rise steeply along the narrow streets shutting out the sunlight. But on further exploration the streets run into surprisingly open, sunlit plazas and stunning meandering parks. Traffic is not a problem as cars are not allowed in the old part of the city unless the resident has a permit. So the narrow streets are perfect places to stroll, or for children on Saturdays to play ball, ride a bicycle.

This morning we grabbed breakfast at a bookstore, cum bakery and then meandered up to the cathedral where we found a mass. We stayed for the service in a small group of church goers, about 20 and a large number of bishops and priests, about 6. The service was impress with incense and communion, chanting and prayers that we finally understood. A little disconcerting to be standing right next to a crypt with life size alabaster carvings of the 11 century king and queen who lay below, felt like they were partaking as well.

At noon we found the train station where Claire was booking the rest of our Camino trip. She has been amazingly good and gracious about planning and booking all our connections. This last part we will do by train to Serria, then spend six days walking into Santiago, a 125 kilometer hike.




life size alabaster king and queen


Tom on narrow street


Antiques dealer on cell phone

Tonight we found tapas on a crowded Saturday night street, then ice cream. Watching the couples and families is half the fun, everyone is out at night.


One thought on “Pamplona by Day and by Night

  1. Sounds like a very agreeable place to live. Pat and Alice are at Haycock Harbor and found a very big, dead seal on our beach. Beautiful autumn day here in NYC. Lots and lots of college football.
    Love, Jack

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