Walking from Portomarin to Palas de Rei on El Camino 25 km – 6.5 hrs

We are now marching with throngs of pligrims, unlike our solitary walks in France and in Spain before Pamplona. Last night the tiny square was full of pilgrims drinking, eating, resting. We ate at a small restaurant, many of them are closing now or will close in a few days, the Camino is winding down. But in the first light of morning, under cloudy skies, I put my camera into my pack and joined the walkers and bikers streaming across the second bridge out of the village.
The walk today was through hill and dale, up country roads. Not quite as many cute trail side stops as yesterday but we managed to find cafe con leche and sports drinks. Some people had delicious looking salads and sandwiches but I feel better with a large breakfast.
Farms workers were raking up chestnuts, picking apples, not quite as colorful as yesterday but rural. We did cross a major highway on an overpass and one of the tiny villages had a taxi service. Strangely, I was not nearly as tired as on the first day, not too many steep hills or valleys.
The major thing today is our pension has a laundry! and a foot message machine! But we will have to explore the town for dinner.
Still lots of flowers blooming here: roses, hollyhocks, crocus, dalhias, daisies, it’s incredible along with huge pumpkins and all the traditional fall crops.
The wine is terrific and last night Claire had a regional soup of cabbage, white beans and broth that looked terrific. (Some pictures from the day before)





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