Evening of Luxury

On Oct. 30 we straggled into Arsua, a small town short of Santiago. The first thing I noticed was it had great lunch places. Tom and I had Spanish bacon and eggs and fresh squeezed orange juice. Then I found the shoe store…fabulous boots, soft leather inside and out for reasonable prices. No room in the lugage, but I did get a scarf farther in town. We found a tourist information booth in the town square and our hotel was another mile or so down the road. No problem, it was a beautiful day and we were early.
Our hotel was a reconstructed grand Spanish hacienda complete with patio, gardens and cows in a nearby field, very idyllic. Another of Claire’s triumphs! The best thing was we were the only guests. We had a waiter, a dining room, four salons, we were upgraded to the best rooms. Drinks were in front of a TV with BBC and local olives. I had basked in the garden all afternoon, it was hot and sunny. Jose informed me that the weather was unusually warm for this time of year. It may change soon.
Dinner was wonderful, asparagas, veal, salad, cheese, pasteries and wines. Breakfast featured gluten free bread baked for me. A real treate.
By 8:52 we were on our way again on foot through wide sandy avenues bordering pastures.
Tom met a Japanese gentleman who taught him to say “hello and have a good Camino” in Japanese which delighted his Japanese tour group once we caught up to them. We were given handfuls of Japanese candy.






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