Penultimate Day before Santiago

Today we walked to the last small town before the Cathedral and the end of our pilgrimage, some 300 km ( I will have to add them up). Tom asked our pension owner if she could tell us when the big celebration at the Cathedral in Santiago would take place. At 3pm she knocked on our door to say that the mass for All Saints Day was tonight at 7:30 and if we wanted to attend and see the giant swinging censor which is the sight to witness, we had to catch the 4pm bus. We did and had a bite in the huge city of Santiago. Rain was falling but we found the cathedral and waited. Crowds gathered and the mass began. Like our first one in Le Puy all those weeks ago, this mass was again aimed at pilgrims from all over the world. The prayers celebrated our efforts, the lessons included references to sacrifice and the homily was all about pilgrimage. Of the three priests presiding: one was from Spain, one from Italy and one from Ireland. Tom received communion. Then six red robed men swung the censor. It was a treat. I have a photo of the censor and the men and a movie I will try to upload later.
We returned to the pension by taxi. tomorrow we will walk into Santiago. I hope it isn’t raining.






3 thoughts on “Penultimate Day before Santiago

    • Cynthia- The censor was HUGE but not nearly as smoky as the one Cat uses, but it took all this men to heft it ad it flew, wait til you see the movie!!. The whole length of the cathedral! See you soon, Love, Janice

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