Two Days in Northern Portugal

In Viana do Castelo it was raining so hard that we took a room at the first small hotel in the square across from the sea. Did we luck out: parking, near good restaurants, the tourist center and it had a great female owner and staff who planned our next moves.
Today we set out using their itinerary to see Ponte Lima, a charming small city filled with old Roman walls, gardens, tiled buildings and a long arched Roman bridge. I only wish I could show you the pictures but my poor little iPad refuses to load any more. I am going to try to fool it with another disk but the photos of the two days remain unuploaded.
Our next stop was Guinaraes that boasted a castle, a convent and lovely squares. Again I have photos but I will have to load them when I get home. The castle was fully restored with antique tapestries. The nuns beckoned me into the convent to take photos of the circular staircase completely made of blue and white tiles. The convent had replaced the outer tile picture of Virgin Mary with new tiles in 1954, at that time they were celebrating 800 years at the convent!
We drove on south, skirting the huge metropolis of Porto for the small seaside town of Aveiro with canals and Moliceiros, long gondola like boats colorfully painted. These boats used to haul seaweed to the fields, they now haul tourists. I got marvelous photos in the setting sun, the scene strung with diving seagulls. I only wish I could put them on the blog. I’ll see if I can amend things tomorrow.
We are in a beautiful hotel, the same name as the boats. They upgraded us to a suite, tourist season is over.


3 thoughts on “Two Days in Northern Portugal

  1. Hi Janice, Sounds nice. Your brother is having minor surgery tomorrow for his Deviated Septym (spelling) and to help WITH HIS CRAZY SNORING. It scares me sometimes…..I think he stops breathing. Anyway I will keep you posted. Have a great rest of your trip. so jealous.

  2. Janice, we have been following your blog religiously (pun intended). Sounds like your iPad memory is full and can’t store anymore photos. If you still have the originals on your memory cards, you could try deleting some from your iPad to make room for the newer ones.

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