Fatima, Nazare, Obidos in Portugal

Not owning a travel guide for Portugal, we have been relying on the kindness of hotel clerks to send us to important spots we should see. The first girl wrote a list that got us to major Roman sites like Ponte do Lima. So Wednesday we followed the list, adding Fatima so Tom could light candles for his family.
While Fatima is not my thing, it was a modern religious site well laid out and almost empty of tourists. A couple of people were making their 400 foot journeys on their knees to the sanctuary where the three shepherds saw the virgin. Beeswax candles of all sizes are laid out in crates, you pick what you want and drop coins in a slot, very reasonable prices. Then Tom took five or six to the offertory wall and lit them.
After that we drove back to the sea to visit Nazare, a town re known for its seafood and the largest surf able waves in the world. Turns out Tom has always wanted to see that as well. A surfer named McNamara made it famous, we ate in his favorite restaurant. The beach was beautiful but the sea pounded the shore.
Back on the highway we drove a short distance to the walled 5th century town of Obidos. The highways here almost empty, very well kept and not too expensive. But people with expensive cars drive over 100 miles an hour! We go at a sedate 85.
Obidos is marvelous so we decided to spent the night. An entire town within the walls of an ancient castle. Lots of flowers still blooming and no tourists. THursday we plan to finish walking the walls and go on to the next place.






2 thoughts on “Fatima, Nazare, Obidos in Portugal

  1. Suggestion: Stop at a visitors’ center in any metropolitan area and pick up a free guide to Portugal, in English or Spanish. Alas, I have a batch from our trip that won’t help you. I read a whole book on The Alhambra before our visit, which helped. Love, Jack

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