Sintra, Portugal

A lovely historic city with narrow hilly streets and no parking anywhere. We found a great boutique hotel and they found us free parking by the railroad station for tonight and tomorrow. We have decided to see Lisbon by train, only 45 minute trip.
Today we toured a Compucian Convent, unused since 1843 but still intact. The cells were tiny, all trimmed with cork, a commonly used product of this area, the gardens delightful. I had photos for you but my machine is still acting up. I will keep trying.
The we went to see Palacios de Pena where a Portugese king in 1800s used as a summer house. Quite fantastic and beautiful on the mountain side but it was raining steadily so I couldn’t get any photos. Will try again tomorrow as well.
Portugal is surprisingly lovely with lots of reasonably big cities and towns, all very new looking. Travel is easy. Must run to dinner.






One thought on “Sintra, Portugal

  1. There are lots of cork trees around Evora and southern Portugal, with the locals making all sorts of gifts from cork, including hats, skirts, neck ties, etc. Interesting. Sorry it’s still raining….Love, Jack

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