Day Trip to Lisbon

Today we took the local train into Lisbon, 45 minutes away, it was so easy. The station is a half block away, the tickets were 6 Eros and took us right to the historic district, a city on the river rebuilt after the 1700 earthquake by a forward thinking ruler who devised grand wide plazas and avenues running in quadrants. We walked to the castle/fortress high about the city, half by using an eight story elevator in a supermarket. The view from the ramparts was stunning. I’m hoping Tom can send photos to the girls to include in this blog. He found his first canons, lots of them.

After we walked the narrow cobbled streets to the cathedral and from there to a huge plaza right on the river. There we ate cheese and bread and watched the hucksters, jugglers, human statues, a zorro on horseback, couples kissing, men playing jazz, all manner of humanity.

The capital was great but it was nice to get back to the quiet of our hotel.





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