Last Days before England

(I wrote a version of this but it disappeared…second try)

Today we took to the grand empty highways again to head north. Many mountains are strung together with enormous bridges, again the highways are empty, except for the occasional idiots who pass us in Mercedes or BMWs doing 110 mph!

I search the hills for castles. Found one called Monterrey, after the family who settled in California. Fantastic from below, we tried to climb with the car, narrow cobbled streets that ended with a rutted stone path. We left the car and struggled up to the top. The castle is being repaired. There are a few cannon and a very nice paved road all the way up with parking lots which we never found from below.

Met a “shepherdess,” I use quotes as she looked like someone from my yoga class wearing a jogging suit. We discussed the cute baby goats and how they jump. I admired her sheep, we both knit. I couldn’t take a photo, she was not “quaint,” about my age, educated. Odd. But it was nice to again be able to speak to someone in Spanish.

Now we are ensconced in the Casa Grande in Soutullo, Spain.



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